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We are The Trend Works - SMC Limited a company which deals in science and technological services and advancements with a wider range of products which are categorically designed and put across for our wider consumption by individuals, groups of people, companies and security agencies both private and government owned.

For six years since now 2018, we have been IT based company offering various IT services to other people coupled with a wider experienced working team delivering satisfaction to customers inform of remote support and physical technical support onsite, we also offer contractual and sub-contractual support to its clients and ensure optimal satisfaction in the project course.


Our History

“Like many companies, we come from humble beginnings.”

Since our inception, we have grown steadily and are continuously transforming into a dynamic, customer-driven, talent-powered company that focuses on enhancing our customers’ knowledge & management. We’ve been challenged significantly from time to time and we’ve learned, changed and grown from each of these challenges

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We are glad to show the team that make the impossible look easy.

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